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Buy Nigeria Crude Oil Without Fraud: How Authentic Crude Oil Sellers Can Uncover All set Buyers

Crude Oil Discounts in Nigeria With out Rip-off or Fraid. How, if You’re a Authentic Crude Oil Vendor, to Discover a Purchaser in Modern Crude Offering Weather

Dear Crude Dealer:
Are You, Possibly, a (Discouraged) Blco, Flco, Crude Oil Vendor or Consumer?

As a rule, there is certainly ONLY a single point that most purchasers of crude oil find and want most of all: to locate an genuine crude oil vendor and offer, and 1 that is without scam or fraud associated. Nonetheless, ibe kachikwu , in modern global crude oil offering industry, there are far, significantly too numerous Bogus crude oil sellers than legitimate kinds!

In fact, in light-weight of the previously mentioned Reality, in the context of the Nigerian, as nicely as the Russian, the Saudi Arabian and other comparable intercontinental crude selling marketplace these days, even the comparatively small quantity of crude sellers who are actually Authentic and Authentic, often lament that they uncover it really challenging to discover crude consumers who would want to do business with them, as people buyers, they say, would usually normally view them equally with fantastic suspicion, and with much scrutiny and absence of trust. Consequently, several crude sellers, gripped with worry and frustration about their prospective customers of generating timely sale of their solution, usually ponder out loud no matter whether they will at any time, ever discover buyers for their crude or ever make a well timed sale.

Alright, if You’re a Genuine Crude Oil Vendor Critical About Obtaining Capable and All set Crude Oil Purchasers, and You Want to Ever, Ever, At any time Make a Sale, Here’s the Severe Reality of What You Need to Do, and Why!

First, KNOW Present-day Plain OIL Sector Truth: There are two standard kinds of “sellers” in the world of international crude oil marketing enterprise right now – the Bogus sellers, and the Authentic sellers! The Fake sellers are the ones that are by far far more many and widespread.

So, as a Vendor, THE CENTRAL Query IS: which one particular of these two Seller kinds are YOU, your self?

As an accredited Mandate of many significant crude purchasers found the two in the United States and Europe, I practically are unable to depend the amount of instances per 7 days that we receive at our office e-mails or even cellphone calls from a person who promises he/she’s a crude oil “broker” or seller’s “agent,” “facilitator” or what have you, declaring to have two million, often up to four million, barrels of BLCO or FLCO accessible to offer, per thirty day period. Frequently, this crude is claimed to be currently “loaded” in a vessel in international waters all set for immediate transshipment on a TTO arrangement at a price reduction of $6/three, $eight/five, $10/7, $10/four, and so on., and so on., and many others., and the e-mailer or caller asks that we hurry up and “just indication the SPA,” “just indication the Agreement.”

These revenue messages will usually include plenty of “appealing” phrases like these to explain the supposed Vendor or the offer: an “completely authentic and reliable seller,” “absolutely genuine and dependable,” “dependable,” “respectable,” “transparent transaction,” “honest,” and the like. And, far more importantly, the concept will usually be buttressed with a small sweetener like this: “the attractiveness of this unique provide is that the buyer is not necessary to make any payment or give any economic instrument right up until following purchaser has executed a Q & Q and confirms that the vessel is actually loaded” – implying that the consumer is at no economic threat at all if he had been to just “sign agreement” and enter into this offer. (By the way, the assert that the fact that a buyer has a Q & Q prior to producing any payment on a offer, can make the buyer risk-free and threat-totally free, is plain bogus and untrue. But which is a matter for one more dialogue).

The graphic this sort of as the previously mentioned-described becoming painted by these intended crude sellers, is basic boloney, nevertheless! Pure hogwash!

Why? Simply because, as one particular latest report set it, “regrettably, the clear reality today is that the business of global crude income has turn into greatly infested with crooks and scammers most of whom truly have completely practically nothing to offer other than peddling some bogus, worthless paperwork forged or copied from the Net, and spitting some fictitious wonderful claims.”

The report adds that “Specialists say that these scammers use several Sellers’ Mandates found all of over the planet to deliver them business. Mandates functioning from or for a number of notably notorious countries (this sort of as Russia and Nigeria, for instance), are usually regarded to be contributors in the rip-off on their own, but international mandates are deemed to be for the most component generally innocent victims who often may possibly feel that they are representing a reputable vendor from such international locations. These global crude oil crooks and fraudsters parade themselves primarily in the Net as ‘dealers’ in crude oil, but are actually simply scammy dreamers just out to dupe others with any luck , (for them!) huge in the thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars.”

Set basically, the cause that such rosy portrait as the 1 painted earlier mentioned by these meant crude sellers, is pure hogwash, is simply because, even though just about every single man or woman who will come to us as a supposed crude oil seller every single day (we get at the very least some two-3 dozens of them each working day) Often promises that the vendor is “dependable, dependable, authentic, authentic, truthful,” and phrases to that effect, almost every single Objective, CREDIBLE Proof offered, on the other hand, states that one thing totally the opposite of that is the true Fact!

Circumstances in Point:

== A report by the British isles-primarily based ACC Intelligence & Analysis group, states at p.3 therein that “99.999999% of what you get [from Nigerian peddlers of crude oil selling] is worthless fraud.”

== A report titled “NIGERIAN TRANSACTION Ripoffs” printed by, states that “A fraudulent offer of a agreement to acquire Nigerian crude oil normally particulars the availability of a ‘special allocation’ by the Nigerian Nationwide Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) of crude at under market rates… [But] In actuality, ‘special allocations’ do not exist.”

== The American FBI’s latest report in February 2011 on World wide web Crime Developments, reports that “The maximum numbers of perpetrators outside this nation [the U.S.] had been from the United Kingdom, Nigeria, and Canada.”

== The functions described in March 19, 2011 on the Ghanaweb site, “Nigerian Crooks Out to Dupe TOR US$48 million,” makes a equivalent point.

== And so, also, is this report, “Common Net Frauds in Import Export Company. Part IV – Cons from Africa,” documented on the infobanc web site, in the part titled “Nigeria Oil Fraud (Bonny Oil).”

THE Bottom LINE: So we KNOW for a Simple fact, that however every single one one particular of the 24 to 36 folks who provides himself/herself to a particular Crude Buyer’s Mandate day-to-day as a meant crude oil “vendor,” would claim that he (or she) is an “trustworthy, authentic, reliable and dependable” dealer, with definitely no streak of fraud or 419 in any way in him, the stark Reality is actually considerably, much distinct. And that, fairly to the opposite, Nearly ALL of this kind of gives and sellers are specifically fraudulent and unreliable 419ers. Or, at the very least, NOT respectable or legitimate.

So, You’ve got Acquired to Provide Us Concrete Proof & Proof, Not Mere Promises or Phrases

THE Stage: Clearly, then, Any person is certainly lying listed here (and lying huge time, too!) when practically Each and every one crude vendor, or a agent of one, claims that the provide he offers is sincere and reputable! As a result, for the events running in the crude industry as Sellers, or their brokers, agents or mandates, this is the Base LINE: as a supposed “seller,” you might assert all you want that you (i.e., the meant Seller) are the Trustworthy, Reliable or Reputable one particular of the great deal, and that it is the “others” that are the “negative” crude oil sellers who perpetrate the fraud and 419 on worldwide crude buyers.

Alright! That is fine. Go forward and make all the claims in the globe that you make sure you!

But listed here, however, is exactly the position: in mild of the previously mentioned-said stark Truth, all manner or volume of claims by you (or any 1 else) notwithstanding, the onus even now falls seriously but squarely on YOU (the intended vendor), to in fact prove that declare to the crude customer. The onus even now falls heavily but squarely on YOU (the vendor) to do a single point and ONLY one particular point: particularly, to bodily “display” the crude buyer some distinct and legitimate proof of openness and transparency on your element, some credible, independently verifiable and concrete Evidence and Proof that authenticate your promises about who you say you are, and about your AUTHENTICITY and GENUINENESS as a real crude vendor. And NOT just to give, or keep on to give, the consumer the exact same previous, all-also-familiar “usuals” – mere lofty claims and words and phrases, mere lengthy “grammar,” about how incredibly “truthful” or “genuine” a vendor you supposedly are.


Back to the unique concern of this essay: so, as a Genuine crude vendor with really some oil available to market, or an agent or broker of 1, you actually want to be ready to conveniently offer your crude, and to be in a position to conveniently locate credible buyers who are keen and able to get from you?

Well, there is certainly truly fundamentally just One particular quite simple but vital issue that you want to do, and Must do, and you’d easily achieve that aim in no time. Just offer (get your Seller to supply) the buyer with some good, tangible, commonly VERIFIABLE PROOFS and Proof (and NOT just supply mere claims, terms and professions about it) about your bona fides as a legitimate crude vendor. And with that done, you will quicker discover that you’d get your self sure buys from a steady stream of ready and eager crude customers – almost Certain!

So, there you have it – that’s our minor “magic formula important” for how you (the crude vendor or his agent) get revenue in this business! Which is the simple but in no way-failing “small magic formula” for getting a profitable crude seller or agent in the existing worldwide crude oil and oil item marketplace!!


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